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Daiwa Winthrop Butt Deep Drop Electric Overhead Rod

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With the rise in popularity of deep drop fishing using electric reels, Daiwa’s new Seaborg Dendoh rods offer never before seen performance from a specialised dendoh rod in the Australian market.

Leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of the finest deep drop rods on the market, Daiwa utilised all the best components and technology to make the Seaborg rods worthy of their name.

Fuji stainless steel silicon carbide (SiC) guides offer unmatched heat dissipation, extremely important for extended drops under heavy load. Arguably the most noticeable part of the Seaborg rods is the Winthrop Terminator Adjusta-Butt. An adjustable bent butt which can be positioned straight for easy storage and travel bringing electric reels out of harmful saltwater spray when the boat is underway.

A heavy-duty ALPS swivel tip keeps braided line under control even in heavy seas and makes the Seaborg rods truly some of the best dendoh rods on the market today.

If you’re looking for the perfect rod to match to your brand new Seaborg Megatwin electric reel, look no further than the matching Seaborg rods.


- ALPS Swivel Roller Tip
- Fuji Guides - SiC; Silicon Carbibide Ring
- Fuji Guides - Stainless Steel Frame
- X45; Eliminates Blank Twist
- Winthrop Butt; High Quality Rod Butts


- Model: 54XHFD
- SKU: 16140
- Action: X Heavy
- Length: 5'4"
- Recommended Line: 80-120lb
- Pieces: 1
- Type: Electric Overhead

- Model: 60XHFD
- SKU: 16141
- Action: X Heavy
- Length: 6'0"
- Recommended Line: 80-120lb
- Pieces: 1
- Type: Electric Overhead