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Daiwa J Thread Nylon Mono Fishing Line

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J-Thread Nylon is Daiwa’s newest addition to the J-Family of premium Japanese fishing line. Like all J-Family products, J-Thread Nylon is made in Japan from the finest raw materials to deliver a monofilament line that is extremely supple, with outstanding shock resistance and knot strength.

J-Thread Nylon has been designed for the Australian market, where the use of straight-through nylon monofilament line is still popular, especially along the coasts where beach fishing is prominent. J-Thread Nylon is clear in colour, and comes parallel spooled to further reduce memory, aiding in long smooth casting and tangle free use.


- Made in Japan
- Excellent shock resistance and knot strength
- Low memory
- Extremely supple


- Supplier Code: 49400
- Breaking Strain: 6lb
- Length: 300m

- Supplier Code: 49401
Breaking Strain: 8lb
- Length: 300m

- Supplier Code: 49402
Breaking Strain: 10lb
- Length: 300m

- Supplier Code: 49403
Breaking Strain: 12lb
- Length: 300m

- Supplier Code: 49404
- Breaking Strain: 15lb
- Length: 300m

- Supplier Code: 49405
- Breaking Strain: 20lb
- Length: 300m

- Supplier Code: 49406
- Breaking Strain: 25lb
- Length: 300m

- Supplier Code: 49407
- Breaking Strain: 30lb
- Length: 300m

- Supplier Code: 49408
- Breaking Strain: 40lb
- Length: 300m

- Supplier Code: 49409
- Breaking Strain: 50lb
- Length: 250m