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Daiwa 18 Saltist Overhead Reel

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ombing Daiwa's latest designs with the integrity and strength that has made the Saltist name famous the new Saltist SD (Star Drag) delivers on all levels. Loaded with many of Daiwa newest and most advanced design technologies this is a reel that's rock solid in strength yet light enough to use all day and is designed to perfectly balance with your chosen rod for unmatched in-hand comfort and performance.

Continuing on from the famed Daiwa Saltiga Star Drag, the new Saltist Star Drag is based on the same bulletproof body but die-cast instead of forged. Constructed of aluminium and anodized for maximum corrosion resistance, the new Saltist Star Drag is designed to handle whatever treatment the corrosive marine environment has to throw at it.

The Saltist Star Drag's internals are equally made to last and perform thanks to Daiwa's famous Digigear gear technology. Digigear features a digitized, high precision cutting technique that achieves perfect gear meshing and ultra smooth performance. Made from a new-age alloy, Digigear is ultra strong, corrosion resistant, and lighter than any gear that Daiwa have developed before. This reduction in weight allows larger gears to be used, in-turn achieving greater gear and reel durability and providing superior gear performance, strength and precision.

Featuring stainless steel ball bearings for maximum corrosion resistance, and a centrifugal braking system for effortless, user-friendly casting adjustment and control, the Saltist Star Drag's casting performance is stunning to say the least with its true free spool feature allowing long effortless casts regardless of the conditions or the angler.

This uninhibited spool design allows for effortless line payout, making the Saltist Star Drag perfect for techniques and fishing styles such as live baiting and float lining.

A 6.4:1 gear ratio makes the Saltist Star Drag the perfect all-rounder whether you're jigging the depths for Samson fish, floating lining for snapper or trying to muscle kingfish from cover.

The Saltist Star Drag doesn't lack muscle either with plenty of pulling power at your fingertips thanks to its powerful and smooth drag.

With a maximum drag ranging from 8-12kg depending on the model in the range, and a deep spool made to house a tonne of line the Saltist Star Drag is a reel designed to tame whatever is thrown at it.


- Machined aluminium frame
- Anodized frame for maximum corrosion resistance
- Digigear
- Centrifugal braking system
- Ultra smooth free spool
- Large neoprene handle knob


- Stainless steel bearings (4 +1)
- Gears: 6.4

Model: 18 SALTIST 15H O/H
- SKU: 26187
- Drag: 8kg
- Spool Capacity: PE 3/300, PE4/300m
- Weight: 430g

Model: 18 SALTIST 20H O/H
- SKU: 26188
- Drag: 8kg
- Spool Capacity: PE4/240m; PE5/180m
- Weight: 445g

Model: 18 SALTIST 30H O/H
- SKU: 26189
- Drag: 8kg
- Spool Capacity: PE4/350m; PE5/320m
- Weight: 450g

Model: 18 SALTIST 35H O/H
- SKU: 26190
- Drag: 10kg
- Spool Capacity: PE4/540m; PE5/320m
- Weight: 570g

Model: 18 SALTIST 40H O/H
- SKU: 26191
- Drag: 10kg
- Spool Capacity: PE4/600m; PE5/450m
- Weight: 585g

Model: 18 SALTIST 50H O/H
- SKU: 26192
- Drag: 10kg
- Spool Capacity: PE4/750m; PE5/550m
- Weight: 600g