Cressi TKB45601

Cressi Tokugawa XTR Two-Piece 3mm Camo Wetsuit

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The Cressi Tokugawa XTR 3mm Wetsuit is a two-piece Wetsuit with 3mm thick neoprene. Cressi designed the camouflage specifically for Australian waters and is the perfect wetsuit for spearfishing and snorkelling.

Firstly, the unique Tokugawa camouflage adapts to different water environments. From the blue waters of North Queensland to the greener tones of Southern Western Australia, the suit’s pattern provides ultimate camo for all environments.

Cressi Anatomically cut pattern – the wetsuit patterns are so individual, and Cressi moulded them beautifully to fit the human body and continues through the entire range of Tokugawa Suits. The extended knee pad covers and protects the suit and you, including shin reinforcement. Thus, it protects your suit if you’re kneeling on the ocean floor a lot when spearfishing.

The Tokugawa is fitted with a high-density loading chest pad and features a YKK Branded Zipper. Lastly, the lining is Dura Stretch Nylon. Providing the best of both worlds, the Cressi Tokugawa offers a great compromise between stretch and comfort, with durability.


- Camouflage adapts to different environments
- Anatomically cut pattern
- Extended knee pads
- High-density loading chest pad
- Dura Stretch Nylon lining closed cell
- YKK branded zipper


- Size: X Small (1)
- Suitable for weight: 55-62kg
- Suitable for height: 162-166cm
- Supplier Code: TKB45601

- Size: Small (2)
- Suitable for weight: 58-65kg
- Suitable for height: 168-175cm
- Supplier Code: TKB45602

- SizeMedium (3)
- Suitable for weight: 63-78kg
- Suitable for height: 170-178cm
- Supplier Code: TKB45603

- SizeLarge (4)
- Suitable for weight: 75-85kg
- Suitable for height: 175-183cm
- Supplier Code: TKB45604

- SizeX Large (5)
- Suitable for weight: 83-95kg
- Suitable for height: 177-186cm
- Supplier Code: TKB45605

- SizeXX Large (6)
- Suitable for weight: 88-100kg
- Suitable for height: 179-192cm
- Supplier Code: TKB45606

- Size: XXX Large (7)
- Suitable for weight: 95-110kg
- Suitable for height: 181-196cm
- Supplier Code: TKB45607