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Cressi Seppia Jacket only for 3.5mm Two-Piece Spearfishing Wetsuit

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Wetsuit created with the exclusive new Cressi green / brown camouflage, computer-designed to make it more difficult for prey to create solid images, thereby confusing the wearer with the background. Preformed anatomical cut. Jacket with padded reinforcement on the chest. Smooth skin with watertight seals on hood, wrists and ankles. Reinforced anti-abrasion lining on the chest and knees. High-waisted trousers with watertight seals on the ankles and waist.

New mimetic design, replica of the seabed created from high resolution photographs selected by the Cressi competition team among multiple options, slightly distorted to combine the ability to camouflage with an elegant aesthetic. Gray tone very polyvalent.

Ultraspan © lining in 100% of the exterior. A lining with a good resistance to erosion and very elastic in all senses. The neoprene used is of medium density for an optimal ratio of compression resistance / ballast need / buoyancy variation. The elasticity of the suit is achieved based on the lining used, not reducing the density of the neoprene.

New pattern that facilitates the dilation of the rib cage and back, as well as the mobility of the arms by having a single panel of neoprene without seams on the entire side of the torso, armpits and inside the arms. The tightness of the ankle and face cuffs has also been improved. 


- Available in 3.5mm version (jacket only)
- Interior 100% microporous
- New double oversized load support with padding and non-slip and ripstop fabric
- Smooth neoprene hem: simple, effective and comfortable
- Customised with attractive detail transfers
- 3.5mm with Black Metallite Neoprene
- Padded Chest Reinforcement
- Smooth Skin Watertight Seals
- Single-Piece Underarm Section


(refer to size chart for detailed specifications)

- Size: Small (2)
- Suitable for weight: 60-68kg
- Suitable for height: 164-173cm

- SizeMedium (3)
- Suitable for weight: 70-78kg
- Suitable for height: 169-178cm

- SizeLarge (4)
- Suitable for weight: 80-88kg
- Suitable for height: 174-183cm

- Size: X Large (5)
- Suitable for weight: 90-98kg
- Suitable for height: 179-188cm

- Size: XX Large (6)
- Suitable for weight: 100-108kg
- Suitable for height: 184-193cm