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Cressi Pure Micro Bore Speargun Rubber 3m Value Pack

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The Pure denomination identifies a number of gums especially studied to meet the requirements of the assemblies as quick as rubber. Its composition is slightly less elastic than traditional solid versions diameter and comprises three different compounds.

The basic composition is pure latex from Malaysia with no "load" or mixture of impurities in their composition, except for the colouring dye outside area and the necessary inert products to provide them with the suitable hardness zones and make them highly resistant to action of ultraviolet rays, salt and ozone.

All Cressi rubbers are vulcanised without accelerating the natural processes for maximum spring action. The minimum inside diameter (2.5 mm) and perfectly centered cannula is another of its traditional features.

Pure composition gives them an outstanding elasticity which translates into a side of the rod very homogeneous, thereby increasing the scope of the shot and the momentum and penetration capacity thereof, with a difficulty of reduced load compared to other gums lower performance. This elasticity allows to easily use short steps (depending of course on the tastes and capacities of fisherman), increasing travel rubber push on the rod, a factor that places a clear advantage over the upper gums diameter and / or hardness.

The Cressi rubbers are used by the most prestigious international manufacturers of handmade guns for their quality and performance.


- Inner cannula reinforced composite black with a higher density (shore 45) to maximise resistance to pressure of the ball on the inner walls of the gum.
- Main body in pure latex without any additives (shore 38th).
- Tinted outer layer model for identification and protection of latex body to the action of ultraviolet rays, salt and ozone.


- Band diameter: 14mm
- Rubber length: 3m
- Colour: Brown
- Supplier Code: EFZ400045

- Band diameter: 15mm
- Rubber length: 3m
- Colour: Scarlet
- Supplier Code: EFZ400046

- Band diameter: 16mm
- Rubber length: 3m
- Colour: Purple
- Supplier Code: EFZ400047