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Cressi Pacific Speargun

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The Cressi Pacific Speargun is a great all round gun that is top quality at an affordable price. It comes standard with a 18mm rubber which gives you plenty of power for small, mid sized and larger fish. It has a double muzzle which enables you to swap it out for twin 16mm rubbers. The open muzzle allows for a quick and easy loading of the spear and minimises noise in the water.

Sitting on top of the barrel is a shaft guide which helps guide the shaft out in a straight line to give better accuracy. The 7mm finned shaft is strong, reliable and can handle the bigger fish. Connecting the shaft is a monofilament to keep the spear from being lost as it attaches to the speargun underneath the muzzle. The barrel has a 28mm diameter and is made from aluminium. It connects to the trigger and an extremely comfortable handle.

The Cressi Pacific Speargun comes with a loading butt which helps stop the gun from slipping out when loading and a safety catch that is situated on the side of the trigger mechanism.


- Double Muzzle
- Open Muzzle
- Dyneemal Bridle
- Rail Gun
- Monofilament Line
- Ergonomic hand grip
- Loading butt
- Safety catch


- Size: 75cm
- Rubber band: 18mm
- Aluminium Barrel: 28mm

- Size: 90cm
- Rubber band: 18mm
- Aluminium Barrel: 28mm

- Size: 100cm
- Rubber band: 18mm
- Aluminium Barrel: 28mm

- Size: 110cm
- Rubber band: 18mm
- Aluminium Barrel: 28mm