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Cressi Mohawk Twin Rubber Speargun

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The Cressi Mohawk Speargun has a point of difference with a twin 14mm rubber set up. This allows an easier load due to the rubber being easier to stretch, however having the double bands they give the equivalent amount of power of a 16mm rubber. This is a huge feature especially for those who do struggle to load a 16mm rubber but still want to have the power of them. The rubber are made with a dyneema bridle and sit in the double muzzle. The aluminium barrel has a rail running the length of the barrel for the 7mm spear to follow which helps with accuracy, however the gun is only as accurate as the user. The single flopper on the spear prevents fish that have been shot from coming off. Attaching the shaft to the gun is a monofilament attaching to the gun bungee. This is a shock absorber that takes the strain from the shooting line when a fish takes off after it has been hit. The Cressi Mohawk has a all metal trigger mechanism including the trigger and line release. Being all metal and no plastic means it will last a lot longer and is more durable to the elements. Make sure you give the entire gun including the mech a good wash after every use to remove all salt water and sand. Never leave the spear in the mech when it is wet or unclean as this will rust and potentially get stuck. On the side of the handle is the safety catch that is a small lever that will hold the trigger in place so you can not fire it. Never trust the satefy catch, only load the gun once you are ready to shoot as a misfire could be deadly.

The general rule when purchasing a speargun and what length to get is determined on where you will use it. 90cm - 110cm and normally used in shallow reef diving as they are shorter and easier to manoeuvre in shallow water. 120cm - 140cm and normally used in open water aiming for the larger fish, this is due to them have a longer range which you need with bigger fish. This is a general rule though!


- Dyneema Bridle
- Single flopper
- Gun Bungee
- All metal trigger
- Metal line release
- Shark clip attachment
- Monofilament line
- Open Muzzle
- Double Muzzle
- Aluminium Barrel
- Comfortable Handle
- Loading Butt
- Safety catch 


- Size: 90cm
- 7mm Shaft
- 14mm Double Rubbers

- Size: 100cm
- 7mm Shaft
- 14mm Double Rubbers

- Size: 110cm
- 7mm Shaft
- 14mm Double Rubbers