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Cressi Hunter Padded Spear Gun Bag UA926350

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The Cressi Hunter Padded Speargun Bag is a large spear gun bag with extra inner pockets for organised and safe storage. It suits small to large spear guns and has narrow inner shaft pockets (fits 3 shafts), 3 wide inner side pockets to keep smaller pieces of gear separate, and 1 large central compartment for your gun and other big items.

The padded spear gun bag even has a padded wrap-around 'sheet' in the middle to keep your speargun snugly tucked in its own section without damaging it.

The Cressi Padded Speargun Bag has a carry handle, 1 large outer zip, outer clips for extra protection and tightening, Velcro systems for the inner compartments and speargun bands, and a sturdy but soft bag base.

There is plenty of room to store a float, mask, booties and even a wetsuit, so you can use this one bag for all your spearfishing gear.


- One large central compartment
- Narrow inner shaft pockets (fits 3 shafts), with extra inner pockets
- Suits small to large spear guns
- Carry handle
- One large outer zip with outer clips for extra protection


- Model: PADBAG
- Dimensions: 190 cm long, 35 cm high, 15 cm wide