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Cressi Gara Turbo Carbon Blade Freediving Fins

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Following the Impulse project we have successfullytransferred the same design parameters forS-shaped undulating deformation to this innovativecarbon fin. This particular movement permits anotable accumulation of elastic potential energyin the blade, which is released in the return kick,transforming into thrust. The effect has beenachieved using a finite elements programme thatenables the performance offered by carbon fibre tobe exploited to the full. The blade is all carbon fibrewith an angle of 29°. The fibre is imported fromJapan. The shaped and processed sheet is thenproduced in a specialist plant in Turkey. Theblade is subsequently finished with an industrialco-moulding process at Cressi’s Genoa plant. Theelevated chemical bonding achieved betweenblade and rail, effectively creating a single piece,has permitted the elimination of the rigid gluethat prevented the carbon fibre blade from flexingnaturally. The thermoplastic rubber used forthe water channelling rails is extremely flexibleand soft so as not to undermine the intrinsiccharacteristics of the carbon fibre. The blade istherefore less fragile and more protected by therubber. The end result is a very light fin, with everysquare millimetre exploiting the flexibility of thecarbon fibre to the full.


- Directional carbon blade for Gara modular foot pockets
- Unmatched responsiveness and thrust
- Incredibly lightweight and reactive
- Designed for advanced free-diving and spear-fishing
- Held to extremely high manufacturing standards and parameters
- Edge rails: focus water flow down length of blade, efficient power and thrust
- Non-vented designed blade
- Modular detachable fin
- Superior performance
- Superior comfort
- Self adjusting foot pocket


- 29 degree angled interchangeable carbon blade
- Dimensions: measures 78cm x 21.5cm (30.73" x 8.47")