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Cressi F1 Small Dive Mask

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F1 is the modern single-crystal mask derived from PIUMA model with especially elegant, harmonious and Frameless technology. The very bright silicone finishes give it an attractive look enhanced by a wide range of colours.

The silicone skirt is assembled directly over the glass without the need of assembly. This system guarantees a good visibility in all directions, especially to the sides because it allows a maximum approach eye / glass without annoying pressures on the front or on the high part of the nose.

The skirt is very polyvalent for all kinds of physiognomies and offers great comfort, even with much extended use. The design calculated of interior spaces combined with the calibrated skirt flexibility, variable depending on the area, provide a great mask’s stability with a great comfort and adaptation polyvalence.

The buckles are completely tilting and have immediate regulation of the strap with only one hand. The buckles system’s anchorage on the frame avoids deforming the silicone skirt during the mask’s use. It’s a perfect mask for snorkeling and diving.


- Double-feathered edge skirt attached directly to a single tempered glass lens
- Low internal volume for effortless clearing
- Easy-adjustable buckles are moulded directly to the frame
- Easy-access nose pocket can be used with one hand for proper ear equalisation
- The single lens design offers a wide field of view
- Wide, split-mask strap design for comfort and to even tension on the head
- Available in a range of colours


- Size: Small (kids)
- Mask Width (not lense width): 112mm
- Mask Height: 100mm