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Cressi Deluxe Speargun HD Heavy Duty Float Rope

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This 10-metre length of Reef Line Deluxe Float Line is designed to attach your speargun to your float so you can tow the float along where ever you go, letting boat owners know that you are in the water. The floatline also prevents a shot fish from swimming off with your gun as it will always be attached to the floating buoy if you accidentally drop your gun.

3mm Dyneema core wrapped in a 10mm Opaque Blue buoyant outer tubing finished off with heat shrink. It features heavy-duty attachments including a swivelled Shark Clip on one end and Speed Needle at the opposite end.


- Various lengths available
- 10mm opaque blue outer core with 3mm Dyneema internal line
- Swivelled and heat shrunk ends
- Comes complete with speed spike one end and shark clip the other


- Model: DLXFL0
- Line length: 10m

- Model: DLXFL1
- Line length: 15m

- Model: DLXFL2
- Line length: 20m

- Model: DLXFL3
- Line length: 30m