Condor 174887

Condor Drone with Newton-3 Release System Fishing Kit

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Fly faster and drop more. Be ultra safe with the NEWTON-3 release system. Developed and tested in New Zealand, the AEE Condor drone coupled with the NEWTON-3 release offers a superior drone fishing solution without the hefty price tags of other high performance drones. We have dedicated this drone to fishing and casting baits up to 500m offshore – without all the bells and whistles necessary to do so.

The Condor NEWTON-3 can cast 4-5 sets on a single battery charge and can lift an enormous amount of weight. The fail-safe Newton-3 release is simple yet remarkable and will keep your drone safe when dropping fishing line beyond the breakers.

- Dedicated fishing drone – Ready To Fish/Fly (RTF)

- The Condor fishing drone paired with the Newton-3 release system has an impressive setting speed of 16m/s (58km/h).

- Calibration is simple and takes less than 60 seconds. Once calibrated the Condor can auto take-off and auto-land from your calibration point.

- Calibration allows single person fishing. With the press of the ‘return to home’ button, you concentrate on the fishing rod and let the drone come home to your spot and land by itself.

- Condor Fishing Drone battery performance averages 4 x 500 metre sets per charge from the 6800mAh smart battery.

- The Condor has similar speed and lifting performance to the much more expensive drones on the market for a fraction of the cost.


- Newton-3 release; protect your drone
- Heavy lift and extended flight time smart battery
- No requirement for phone app to operate
- Suitable for casting up to 500m on 50lb to 80lb Spectra braid line
- 4-5 x 500m casts
- GPS and return to home
- Auto take-off and landing
- Easily cast up to 600 grams (21 ounces) 500 metres offshore
- Set 10 or more baited traces (but respect your local fishing regulations!)
- Line weights up to 37kg breaking strain


- Massive 6800mAh  / 11.1V SMART battery
- Weight: 1.5kg
- Dimensions: 41 x 21.5 x 45 cm