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Buku BU104 IGFA Monofilament Fishing Line Stealth - 1000m

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Buku IGFA Tournament Mono Line is made for anglers fishing in competitions and/or those chasing record breaking fish to be recognised by the International Game Fish Association. It's a high quality monofilament line that's super tough, abrasion resistant and has superior knot strength. 

The main feature of the Buku IGFA Class Mono Line is its diameter, it's much thinner than typical game lines. What this allows for both trophy hunters and tournament game fisherman is a whole lot more line on the reel, giving them much more time to stop the bigger fish (marlin in particular) before losing their entire length of line. To put it in perspective, Buku 37kg is about the same diameter as regular IGFA 24kg line, and Buku 24kg is similar to regular IGFA 15kg.

Comes in a cool "stealth" colour to make it seamless and blended with the water.


- Super tough and durable
- 6x Abrasion resistance
- Large spool length


- Length: 1000m
- Breaking Strain: 10kg

- Length: 1000m
- Breaking Strain: 15kg

- Length: 1000m
- Breaking Strain: 24kg

- Length: 1000m
- Breaking Strain: 37kg