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Bone Ocean Thug Jigging Overhead Rod

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The rods are cross wrapped in multiple angles with 100% Torayca carbon sheets, which have been tested to extreme levels. From this testing it has been shown that these rods can handle massive fish with confidence.

Slow Fall Series

The Ocean Thug Slow Fall Series was designed specifically to provide excellent recoil on each pitch, coupled with a stronger backbone and a softer tip. This allows the slow jigs to be worked gracefully and with maximum effect.

The Slow Fall series was designed to have better stopping power to easily handle big fish in any environment.

Available in three power ratings, the Ocean Thug Slow Fall models retain the signature multi-axis wrapping of the blanks, which are made from 100% Torayca carbon sheets. Each rod comes equipped with Fuji Titanium Frame SIC guides and Fuji reel seats as well as a forearm support that allows for multi-angle pitching and maximum comfort in extreme conditions.


The Ocean Thug Jigging Series features the standard jigging classes for most jigging situations.

Specially designed for tropical thugs, the series features a reinforced blank that is balanced perfectly and is light in weight. The blank makes use of the multi-axis wrapping of teh 100% Torayca carbon sheets and the rods are fitted with double foot Fuji SIC K-Guides as well as a Fuji reel seat for maximum durability.

Light Jigging

The Ocean Thug Light Jigging models are designed for sensitivity when working with lighter jigs in shallower water.

With a medium-fast action, the rod provides endless fun when targeting smaller reef species, yet retains the power to stop bigger fish when needed.

Available in spin and overhead, the Light Jigging rods feature 100% Torayca graphite, Fuji SIC K-Frame guides and a Fuji reel seat for comfort and durability.


Slow Fall Series

Bone Slow Fall 6'2" Power 1

Code: 368OTC621SF

Line: 10-15lb

Lure Weight: 100-250g

Bone Slow Fall 6'2" Power 2

Code: 368OTC622SF

Line: 15-20lb

Lure Weight:

Bone Slow Fall 6'2" Power 3

Code: 368OTC623SF

Line: 20-25lb

Lure Weight: 400-550g


Bone Jigging 6'1" Overhead

Code: 368OTJB611/2.5

Line: 10-25lb

Lure Weight: 50-150g

Bone Jigging 6' Overhead

Code: 368OTJB601/4

Line: 20-40lb

Lure Weight: 120-250g

Light Jigging

Bone Light Jigging 6' Overhead

Code: 368OTLJB601L

Line: 8-20lb

Lure Weight: 30-100g

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