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Berkley Gulp Alive Jerk Shad 5 inch Soft Plastic Lure Bulk Tub

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Dip to recharge baits If you're looking for extra movement and flavour in your soft baits, this one's for you! The Berkley Gulp Alive Jerk Shad Soft Bait Tub is the next generation in Gulp! Technology. Proven Gulp soft baits floating in 'magic Gulp! gravy' in a sealable jar. 

Not only do the baits soak up 20% more Gulp scent and flavour, you can also recharge your baits by putting them back into the jar for the next use. Berkley Gulp Jerk Shad Soft Bait is designed to look and move like it's alive; as alive as a small injured bait fish is supposed to look. Their erratic, darting "quick glide" motion imitates struggling bait fish to entice strikes while their split tail design makes them ideal for casting or jigging. Each soft bait also features 400x more scent dispersion to greatly expand the strike zone allowing you to catch more fish.

The Jerk Shad can be bounced of the reef floor or lightly fed back through a berley trail or even cast into wash around rock platforms and break walls. Whatever way you decide to fish them they always seem to find their mark! Get yours now and make your soft plastic excursions more challenging.  


- Charged and ready to fish out of the container 
- 100% biodegradable water-based resin
- Natural presentation, scent and taste
- Scent formula is released as soon as your bait hits the water
Great on jigs, drop shot and live bait rigs
- Darting "quick glide" motion 


- Lure Length: 5 inch
- Tub Size: 394g