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Berkley Fireline Ultra 8 Braided Fishing Line Orange 300m

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Fireline Ultra 8 delivers a line that is incredibly strong and abrasion resistant yet long casting and user friendly, resisting wind knots like never before. Optimised for spin reels Fireline Ultra 8 is ideal for all light to medium lure fishing applications.

Rounder and smoother, Fireline Ultra 8 casts 10% further than traditional Fireline expanding your fishing zone. New Fireline Ultra 8 thermally fuses 8 braided strands to create a line that is 4X More Abrasion Resistant and casts 10% further than traditional Fireline. All this while retaining that Fireline sensitivity and manageability.


- Thermally fused 8 Carrier construction
- 4X More abrasion resistant than traditional Fireline
- Casts 10% further than traditional Fireline
- Optimised for spin reels
- Colour: Orange


- Breaking Strain: 6lb
- Spool Length: 300m
- Diameter: 0.10mm

- Breaking Strain: 8lb
- Spool Length: 300m
- Diameter: 0.12mm

- Breaking Strain: 10lb
- Spool Length: 300m
- Diameter: 0.15mm

- Breaking Strain: 20lb
- Spool Length: 300m
- Diameter: 0.23mm

- Breaking Strain: 25lb
- Spool Length: 300m
- Diameter: 0.27mm

- Breaking Strain: 30lb
- Spool Length: 300m
- Diameter: 0.29mm