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Berkley Bakkan Tackle Storage Box

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An excellent heavy-duty storage box for keeping your gear dry and organised is the Berkley Bakkan Tackle Box. has a highly sturdy PVC body with full nylon zippers for corrosion resistance, a non-slip moulded bottom, and both. Specifically made to hold Berkley Clear Top Tackle Boxes, you can easily reach your gear by opening the lid and using the lid clip to store additional clear top boxes that offer an additional layer of protection for your fishing tackle. 

Berkley Bakkan Tackle Storage Box Features

- Full Nylon zippers for corrosion resistance
- Tackle box made from heavy duty PVC to keep box upright and maintain shape
- Non-slip moulded base for added water resistance
- Designed to house Berkley Clear Top Tackle Boxes to provide an added layer of protection
- Lid with clip to keep lid secured open for easy access to contents
- Adjustable shoulder strap included to carry bag

Berkley Bakkan Tackle Storage BoxSpecifications

- Model: 1590162