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Bandit Archery Arrow Fiberglass 3 Pack

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Looking for an outdoor activity that’s fun and engaging for the kids? Archery may be the solution! The Bandit Fibreglass Junior Target Arrows are designed for junior archers, designed to suit target shooting. This set comes with three arrows made with a 28” fibreglass shaft with a fixed field point. Pair this Junior Target Arrow set with Barnett Youth Archery Bow for an activity in the great outdoors that builds discipline, focus and control, all while having fun!

Safety Tips:
- For use under strict adult supervision
- Do not use an arrow if the shaft is fractured or splintered
- Always exercise caution, common sense and safety rules when shooting


- Rounded tip on the arrows
- Strong, lightweight fiberglass shafts
- Set includes three pieces
- Compatible use with any Barnett youth archery bow


- 28 Inch Youth Target Arrows
- 3 arrows per pack