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Balista S-Pop 75mm Flashing LED Hard Body Lure

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The Balista S-Pop is designed to reap surface havoc with a combination of large pops and big fizz from the holographic gills. Water squeezes through the gills on every pop leaving a trail of bubbles. Engineered to offer as many strike generating features as you can possibly fit into a surface lure, the Balista S-Pop will generate a strike when nothing else will work.

The 75mm S-Pop features Balistas trademark LED technology, the flashing red LED is water activated and is scientifically proven to increase strike rates. The LED light grabs lurking predators attention, fish are attracted to the predatory red light triggering both feeding and territorial strikes, hence higher catch rates.

The LED is at its most effective in lower light situations such as overcast conditions, dawn and dusk or night time. If you can notice the LED flashing in your hand you know its going to be highly visible to the fish and hence giving you a major advantage. When the fish are quiet cast out and use the multiple strike features to assist you catch more fish. With the addition of Mustad ultrapoint #4 trebles for superb hook up rates it's the secret surface weapon for tournament Bass anglers but also dynamite on Barramundi, Murray Cod, Mangrove Jack and many other surface feeding species.


- Features unique flashing LED for extra attractiveness
- Popping action surface lure
- Available in a range of colours


- Type: Floating
- Length: 75mm
- Weight: 21g

- Hook Size: #4
- LED Battery Life: 120 hours

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