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Balista Hunchback 60mm Flashing LED Hard Body Lure

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The Hunchback 60 features our new micro LED technology. The Hunchback 60 has an epic crawling action designed specifically for Australian Bass, it also works well on Murray Cod in smaller river systems. Anglers that have used the Hunchback 60 on Bass absolutely love it, becoming a favourite surface lure for many.

The After Dark colour has a reduced LED specifically for night time, you can really notice the LED working for you if you get a bite that doesn't hook up leave the lure stationary for up to 60 seconds and the Bass will come back and eat it whilst the lure sits there flashing.

Also the bib can clip off, making for handy storage. Featuring ultra sharp BKK hooks so that you can hook and hold quality fish.


- Crawling action
- Removable bib
- Flashing LED light for extra attraction
- Available in a range of colours


- Length: 60mm
- Weight: 10g
- Hook: #8