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Alvey 82GVCN2 Pro Series Offshore Sidecast Reel

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This modern, fully vented injection moulded reel has a graphite back with a strong metal foot and a fibreglass spool.   The sporty off-set laser cut handle plate gives a choice of recovery rates. Your 82GVCN2 has a handle plate with two lengths and two sizes of handles. The longer side, fitted with a large comfortable knob handle, allows great power to control or turn a fish. The shorter handle plate with a smaller handle allows wrist action instead of full arm movement when appropriate.

An approximate increase of 20% in the recovery rate can be achieved using the short handle when a fish is missed, to help quickly recover the rig, re-bait and get down to the strike zone. A large easy to use lever on the back plate allows you to engage or disengage the clutch system and the Large Tri Star Knob on the spool allows you to vary your clutch tension. The smooth clutch is a multi-plate design with polished brass plates combined with PTFE coated woven glass washer which can also withstand very high temperatures. A fish alert switch on the back side of the reel can be engaged when leaving the rod and reel unattended to warn you of a fish taking line. 


- 82 (8.25″)
- G (Graphite Back)
- V (Vented Spool)
- C (Non-Reverse Drag)
- N (Non Casting)
- 2 (Deep, No Casting Lip)


- SPOOL DIAMETER: 205mm (8")
- LINE CAPACITY: 600m/23kg
- ROD SIZE: 2 - 2.5m
- COLOUR: Black Yellow
- RH LH: Left-Hand Right-Hand