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Berkley Pro Tech Prawn Walker Splash Lure 75mm

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The Berkley Pro-Tech Prawn Walker 75mm is a highly effective top water lure that walks and pushes a small splash of water with its unique cupped face design. This allows the Prawn Walker to be walked or popped to suit the mood of the target species on the day.

The body of the Pro-Tech Prawn Walker closely imitates the natural segmented tail shape and head profile of a real-life prawn making it a prime target for species such as bream, whiting and flathead in shallow water. As per all other Pro-Tech lure models the Prawn Walker is fitted with the highest quality Owner hooks and rings to ensure delicate strikes stay connected time after time.


- Natural Prawn segmented body profile
- Cupped face to induce a small splash of water when retrieved
- Can be walked or popped to induce explosive strikes
- Fitted with high quality Owner ST-36TN hooks and Owner rings
- Lightweight but casts long
- Available in a range of colours


- Length: 75mm
- Weight: 6g