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Cressi Tracina 3.5mm Two-Piece Mens Camo Wetsuit

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The Cressi Tracina 3.5 mm Mens Spearfishing Two Piece Wetsuit is manufactured with super flexible, incredibly comfortable, soft metallite lined neoprene. This material is designed for maximum flexibility. Forget the old constricting ways of standard neoprene. It's flexible enough for full, unrestricted free motion to the wearer and meant to be unrestricting in all movements involved in spearfishing, freediving and swimming. 

Cressi prides themselves in their excellent wet suit cuts. The Cressi Tracina is no exception. Its anatomical design cuts offer a comfortable form fitted feel. The suit design is pre-shaped arms and legs that improve flexibility and the ease of swimming.

The computer printed camouflage pattern ensures your invisibility and stealth to unsuspecting prey with its Mimetic colouring. Mimetic colouring makes it difficult for your prey to see a solid image, meaning you seamlessly blend into the background.

The Cressi Tracina is a two-piece wetsuit, which includes overalls and a jacket with built-in hood. The jacket, hood and calves feature nylon mimetic zones to further add to the suits comfort. Plus, Smoothskin watertight seals on the hood, wrists and waist ensure warmth. As an added durability feature, the knee and shin area of the overalls and the elbows of the jacket are reinforced.

The jacket offers extensive back support to lessen the load imposed by the spear gun. All seams are glued and sewn for strength and durability.


- Mimetic camouflage design
- Advantage of Computer Designed Patterns
- Renders Diver Nearly Invisible
- Soft metallite lined 3.5 mm neoprene construction
- 2-piece design for added warmth
- Hooded Jacket with Interlocking Frog Fly Closure
- Seams: Glued and Sewn for Strength and Durability
- Reinforced elbows, chest Pad and groin closure
- Durable knee pads
- Arms and Legs Anatomically Cut for Ergonomic Form Fit
- Black metallite inner lining for easy on/off
- Chest Pad for Easy Gun Reloading


(refer to size chart for detailed specifications)

- Size: Small (2)
- Suitable for weight: 58-65kg
- Suitable for height: 168-175cm

- SizeMedium (3)
- Suitable for weight: 63-78kg
- Suitable for height: 170-178cm

- SizeLarge (4)
- Suitable for weight: 75-85kg
- Suitable for height: 175-183cm

- SizeX Large (5)
- Suitable for weight: 83-95kg
- Suitable for height: 177-186cm

- SizeXX Large (6)
- Suitable for weight: 88-100kg
- Suitable for height: 179-192cm

- Size: XXX Large (7)
- Suitable for weight: 95-110kg
- Suitable for height: 181-196cm