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WFT Gliss Monotex 300m Hybrid Braid White Translucent Line

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WFT Gliss KG Monotex fishing line seems to surprise every angler who tries fishing with it. Gliss KG fishing line combines Japanese raw materials with German precision in a revolutionary new fishing line that is an almost mono-braid hybrid, for want of a better description. GLISS KG fishing line from German tackle company WFT has the slickness of mono, thinner diameters and better strength than braid, plus better casting performance than both.

GLISS KG 6kg (14lb) has a diameter of only 0.12mm, making it ideal for ultra-light sportfishing casting with lightweight lures of 2g to 10g further than ever before. It is proving extremely popular with anglers fishing for bream, whiting and flathead in the salt; plus bass, perch, sooties, jungle perch and trout in the fresh. This GLISS KG 6kg (14lb) in the Clear colour is useful for clearwater situations when you need as much stealth as possible. 

GLISS KG fishing line is a third-generation line that, like top quality braids, is made from 100 percent Japanese PE fibres. However, where GLISS KG differs is that it is not braided, it is instead extruded into an almost perfectly round shape and uses different material treatments and coating processes developed to combine the best traits of mono and braid into one ultra-performance line that, among other attributes, will certainly improve your casting distance. The slick and smooth outer coating of GLISS KG fishing line resembles monofilament and because the PE fibres are compressed much more during GLISS KG production than in braid manufacturing, it achieves a thinner line with a much higher breaking strain at the same denier rating.

GLISS KG fishing line also retains its round shape during a fish fight or retrieval much better than braid, which flattens considerably as braid passes through your top guide, which in turn affects your next cast. It is interesting to note that each GLISS KG diameter line is designed specifically for that line class, rather than just adding more fibres, as is the case with braid.

GLISS KG fishing line has less stretch, at around 2 percent, than any braided PE line, yet it retains the braid-like flexibility with no memory, has extremely low diameter-to-line-class ratios and provides excellent sensitivity.

Other GLISS KG attributes include a very high dimensional stability and low water absorption, so it will pack neatly onto your spool, producing a perfect winding contour after each cast. Other advantages include exceptional UV resistance, extreme tensile strength, impressive abrasion resistance and a highly colourfast finish. Like with braid, it is advised you use good knots, and then simply enjoy casting further and catching more fish with WFT GLISS KG Monotex fishing line.


- Tremendous strength to diameter Ratio
- High abrasion resistance
- Extreme flexibility
- Exceptionally slick surface profile
- Superior casting capabilities


- Model: 214012
- Breaking Strain: 6kg
- Diameter: 0.12mm
- Length: 300m

- Model: 214014
- Breaking Strain: 8kg
- Diameter: 0.14mm
- Length: 300m

- Model: 214018
- Breaking Strain: 11kg
- Diameter: 0.18mm
- Length: 300m

- Model: 214025
- Breaking Strain: 19kg
- Diameter: 0.25mm
- Length: 300m