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Daiwa 24 Certate LT Spin Reel

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Experience top-notch performance on the water with the Daiwa 24 Certate LT Spin Reel. Designed for the connoisseur and built to handle any fishing challenge, this reel features advanced tech like a waterproof handle seal, Super Duralumin Tough Digital Gear, and an ATD Type-L drag system. Its precision Airdrive design and Twist Buster III provide smooth operation, while the Finesse custom models cater to your specific fishing needs. Available in a variety of sizes and models to suit any situation.

Daiwa 24 Certate LT Spin Reel Features

- Airdrive Spool: In addition, the Airdrive Spool is equipped with a newly developed drag sound mechanism. The new structure is separate from the spool body to reduce weight, while at the same time, it has been modified to have less frictional resistance so as not to interfere with the drag release.
- Airdrive Bail: The Airdrive Bail is the next evolution of Air Bail In order to further reduce the inertia of the rotor unit, which has been completely redesigned with the Airdrive Design, reducing weight of the bail was the next step. To enhance its position for power & strength, and to support the reduced weight of the rotor and maintain the sensitivity, 24 Certate is equipped with a 2.4mm bail.
- Airdrive Rotor: Smooth winding and precise stop. Anglers can wind and stop the reel with perfect timing. Low rotation inertia of the spherical rotor brings the feel of lightness when winding. The operability and winding sensitivity have been dramatically improved. Airdrive Rotor will bring the lure fishing scene to the next level.
- Airdrive Shaft: Airdrive Shaft creates the feel of smooth, quiet rotation and provides anglers with enhanced torque and power. In addition to this, both ends of pinion gear are now supported with bearings to transmit the crank power from the handle to the rotor with a higher level of efficiency. By adding high quality collars to the mainshaft, rotational noise has been reduced significantly.
- ATD Typle-L Drag: The ATD Type-L drag system works smoothly in response to the pull of a fish but the initial response of the drag has been further improved, especially when using lighter lines to further reduce the load on the line and enable quicker catch without causing too much stress to the fish.
- Long Cast ABS: Friction caused by line contact with the spool edge during casting has been reduced. The two-stage spool edge shape is engineered for smooth line release. The spool edge is designed to be best suited for long casts with the maximum amount of line spooled. Distance is increased by approximately 5% compared to models without the Long Cast ABS.
- Twist Buster III: Twist Buster is a mechanism for eliminating line twisting, a major cause of line problems. The new Twist Buster III uses a gap in the line roller section to suppress the fluttering of the line as it passes through the line roller.
- The line roller section is also equipped with Magsealed. This new design realises reliable rotation performance over a long period of time, unaffected by salt water.
Monocoque Body: The Monocoque Body is incredibly tough, and produces stable rotation. By introducing Monocoque (MQ) construction the internal body space has been increased to allow larger drive gear to be installed. MQ construction also allows the engine plate to replace the need for screws to stabilise the drive gear. MQ concept improves support of the internal parts and adds durability and resistance to intrusion.
- Tough Digigear: The Daiwa 24 Certate is equipped with a Tough Digigear made from duralumin. The rigid material is cold-forged and machine-cut to high precision to achieve the ideal tooth shape. In addition, special surface treatment is applied to minimise damage to the gears caused by high loads. Furthermore, the 3000-5000 size reels with an XH ratio are equipped with a high-strength pinion that has a proven track record with Saltiga.

Daiwa 24 Certate LT Spin Reel Specifications

Daiwa 24 Certate 2000S-P

- Supplier Code: 20630
- Reel Max Drag: 5kg
- Braid Capacity: PE# 0.4/200m
- Gear Ratio: 4.9 (64cm)
- Bearings: 10CRBB; 1RB
- Weight: 170g

Daiwa 24 Certate 2500S

- Supplier Code: 20631
- Reel Max Drag: 5kg
- Braid Capacity: PE# 0.6/200m
- Gear Ratio: 5.1 (72cm)
- Bearings: 10CRBB; 1RB
- Weight: 175g

Daiwa 24 Certate 2000-P

- Supplier Code: 20632
- Reel Max Drag: 5kg
- Braid Capacity: PE# 0.6/200m
- Gear Ratio: 4.9 (64cm)
- Bearings: 10CRBB; 1RB
- Weight: 170g

Daiwa 24 Certate 2500

- Supplier Code: 20633
- Reel Max Drag: 5kg
- Braid Capacity: PE# 0.8/200m
- Gear Ratio: 5.1 (72cm)
- Bearings: 10CRBB; 1RB
- Weight: 175g

Daiwa 24 Certate 2500-XH

- Supplier Code: 20634
- Reel Max Drag: 5kg
- Braid Capacity: PE# 0.8/200m
- Gear Ratio: 6.2 (87cm)
- Bearings: 10CRBB; 1RB
- Weight: 175g

Daiwa 24 Certate 2500D

- Supplier Code: 20635
- Reel Max Drag: 10kg
- Braid Capacity: PE# 1.2/300m
- Gear Ratio: 5.2 (73cm)
- Bearings: 10CRBB; 1RB
- Weight: 205g

Daiwa 24 Certate 3000D-CH

- Supplier Code: 20636
- Reel Max Drag: 10kg
- Braid Capacity: PE# 1.5/300m
- Gear Ratio: 5.7 (85cm)
- Bearings: 10CRBB; 1RB
- Weight: 205g

Daiwa 24 Certate 3000D

- Supplier Code: 20637
- Reel Max Drag: 10kg
- Braid Capacity: PE# 1.5/300m
- Gear Ratio: 5.2 (77cm)
- Bearings: 10CRBB; 1RB
- Weight: 225g

Daiwa 24 Certate 3000D-XH

- Supplier Code: 20638
- Reel Max Drag: 10kg
- Braid Capacity: PE# 1.5/300m
- Gear Ratio: 6.2 (93cm)
- Bearings: 10CRBB; 1RB
- Weight: 225g

Daiwa 24 Certate 4000D-C-ARK

- Supplier Code: 20639
- Reel Max Drag: 12kg
- Braid Capacity: PE# 2/300m
- Gear Ratio: 5.2 (82cm)
- Bearings: 10CRBB; 1RB
- Weight: 255g

Daiwa 24 Certate 4000D-CXH-ARK

- Supplier Code: 20640
- Reel Max Drag: 12kg
- Braid Capacity: PE# 2/300m
- Gear Ratio: 6.2 (99cm)
- Bearings: 10CRBB; 1RB
- Weight: 255g

Daiwa 24 Certate 5000D-ARK

- Supplier Code: 20641
- Reel Max Drag: 12kg
- Braid Capacity: PE# 2.5/300m
- Gear Ratio: 5.2 (87cm)
- Bearings: 10CRBB; 1RB
- Weight: 305g

Daiwa 24 Certate 5000D-XH-ARK

- Supplier Code: 20642
- Reel Max Drag: 12kg
- Braid Capacity: PE# 2.5/300m
- Gear Ratio: 6.2 (105cm)
- Bearings: 10CRBB; 1RB
- Weight: 305g