Buku 9340191108194

Buku CAST Series Topwater Casting Mono Leader

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The Buku cast leader comes highly recommended, it is made with specially formulated Nylon that has a high abrasion resistance and great know strength, this is achieved with a hard inner core and a micro coating of softer nylon that allows the knots to grip and prevent slipping. Tying an FG knot with this line has never been easier.


- High quality nylon leader
- Hard inner core with a soft outer micro coating
- Designed for reef fishing, bluewater fishing and bottom bashing
- Subtle blue tones ensure extremely low-vis underwater
- Soft spool design for easy storage


- Breaking strain: 20lb
- Diameter: 0.40mm
- Length: 100m

- Breaking strain: 30lb
- Diameter: 0.50mm
- Length: 100m

- Breaking strain: 40lb
- Diameter: 0.60mm
- Length: 100m

- Breaking strain: 50lb
- Diameter: 0.70mm
- Length: 100m

- Breaking strain: 60lb
- Diameter: 0.70mm
- Length: 100m

- Breaking strain: 80lb
- Diameter: 0.80mm
- Length: 75m

- Breaking strain: 100lb
- Diameter: 0.90mm
- Length: 50m

- Breaking strain: 120lb
- Diameter: 1.0mm
- Length: 50m

- Breaking strain: 150lb
- Diameter: 1.28mm
- Length: 40m

- Breaking strain: 200lb
- Diameter: 1.48mm
- Length: 40m