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Sunline System FC100 Fluorocarbon Shock Leader 30m

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The evolution of a new concept: 100% fluorocarbon leader. Non-stress spooling to avoid crushing or flattening of the line. Comes in 30m/100m spools ideal for offshore trips.Balanced design is line weight specific: emphasis on suppleness and minimum interference on lure movement to light game lines, and a focus on hardness and the ruggedness to withstand abrasion and strong, sharp teeth to the limit for big game lines.

TRP (Triple Resin Processing) to outstanding abrasion resistance against rocks, debris, weeds, and the fish’s body. Knot strength has been boosted for lightweight lines designed for light game, since these lines are often tied in uni knots or blood knots. Now you can use a much thinner leader than was previously possible – be prepared to get more hardness and tenacity so the line would not be cut by PE lines or the eye of your lure.

Super PE Shift! Designed with enhanced surface hardness for strengthening knots made with super PE lines like PE Jigger 8 HG and Deep One. No more problems with your braid cutting into your leader.


- 100% Fluorocarbon leader
- Balanced design
- Tripe resin processing
- Boosted knot strength
- Super PE shift
- Natural clear colour


- Breaking Strain: 20lb
- Diameter: 0.405mm
- Line Size: #6

- Breaking Strain: 30lb
- Diameter: 0.470mm
- Line Size: #8

- Breaking Strain: 40lb
- Diameter: 0.570mm
- Line Size: #12

- Breaking Strain: 50lb
- Diameter: 0.660mm
- Line Size: #16

- Breaking Strain: 60lb
- Diameter: 0.740mm
- Line Size: #20

- Breaking Strain: 80lb
- Diameter: 0.840mm
- Line Size: #26

- Breaking Strain: 100lb
- Diameter: 0.910mm
- Line Size: #30