Shimano 22255255585

Shimano Stella FK Spinning Reel

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The Shimano Stella FK is a new reel that Shimano designed with the Infinity Evolution mentality in their minds - Evolution based on Legacy. The Infinity Evolution mindset resulted in the most state-of-the-art technologies being developed and then designed in to the Stella FK. Featuring the Infinity Xross (Cross) gearing system which results in overwhelming gear durability and improved surface contact of meshing gears, reducing stress, resulting in smooth reeling experience. Infinity Loop, which is a line management upgrade that reduces resistance on the line and spool by making the spool move up and down more slowly, creating a tighter wind on the spool, reducing friction from overlapping line when you cast. Infinity Drive that is all about winding power letting you take initiative, featuring a new low friction bushing, resulting in less frictional resistance. To reduce rotational torque and give you more power, the Stella FK's Infinity Drive has been treated with proprietary surface treatment, resulting in more power under heavy load, and of course, smooth reeling. The Stella FK is equipped with an Anti-twist fin to maintain line tension to reduce looping, with a new Stella spool edge to prevent line from hanging on spool ring. Duracross drag washers constructed for overwhelming durability on the drag resulting in less wear and tear, longer lasting components, and generally better drag performance.


- The Shimano Stella FK is a new spinning reel that is loaded to the gills with the latest Shimano technology.
- The Stella FK features the Infinity Loop system that slows the spool down to let the line wind in tighter winds and reduces the line overlap, which results in longer, effortless casts since the friction from overlapping line is significantly reduced.
- The Infinity Xross (Cross) and Infinity Drive improve the internal gearings, making the smoothest experience yet, while continuing to cut out frictional resistance, you're getting even more smooth-but-raw power per crank with less grind.
- To keep you fishing, the Stella FK is equipped with an Anti-Twist fin to maintain line tension and reduces line twist and line loops that slow you down, and could cost you your next trophy fish.


- Model: STL1000FK
- Bearings: 12+1
- Max Drag (kg): 3.2
- Gear Ratio: 5:1:1
- Mono Capacity (kg/m): 2/270

- Model: STL2500HGFK
- Bearings: 12+1
- Max Drag (kg): 9
- Gear Ratio: 5:8:1
- Mono Capacity (kg/m): 8/140

- Model: STLC3000XGFK
- Bearings: 12+1
- Max Drag (kg): 9
- Gear Ratio: 6:4:1
- Mono Capacity (kg/m): 6/230

- Model: STL4000XGFK
- Bearings: 12+1
- Max Drag (kg): 11
- Gear Ratio: 6:2:1
- Mono Capacity (kg/m): 10/200

- Model: STLC5000XGFK
- Bearings: 12+1
- Max Drag (kg): 11
- Gear Ratio: 6:2:1
- Mono Capacity (kg/m): 12/195