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OSP Power Dunk 57mm Hard Body Lure

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The Power Dunk 57 is the bigger brother to the insanely popular Dunk 48. This larger version still dives to the incredible 4m depths and shares the same tight shimmy that makes its smaller sibling so popular. The larger size appeals to a wide variety of fish species from natives to large saltwater predators such as snapper and mangrove jacks. Available in both floating and suspending versions and in an array of great colours the Power Dunk 57 is a hit in Australian waters.

The OSP Dunk is small, naturally shaped and very effective for the sophisticated and inactive bass regardless of clear or muddy water. The small shad is a lure that accomplished original evolution in Japan. For instance, it has been widely used as a lure that is appropriate for twitching and just retrieving in shallow range up to 2m of open water. However, Dunk proposes the new ideal way of Shad from a whole new aspect. Dunk sought after two innovative performances.

As for one, adaptability for a wide range from 0.5m to 4.0m. It can create a lot of bites by just slow retrieving on the hard bottom deeper than 0.5m. In addition, the advantage that can fish steep break from 1.0m to 4.0m without lure changing is tremendous. Moreover, it shows unimaginable power if you let it swim 3.0m - 4.0m range where only big body deep crank can swim. 

The other innovation is Dunk has improved it's snagless, ability which is the biggest weak point of shad. It swims 10 degrees deeper forward-inclining posture than a normal shad and is equipped with a super long lip. This performance increases fish bites very much. 


- Super Long Lip: Enables tight approach against cover area of wide range 0.5m to 4.0m with high snagless ability.

- Self-Dropping Weight Transfer System: Prevents body shifts and snagging during contacts with cover, the weight is made to drop into a compartment. Thus the weight is kept in one place, resulting in steady movements.

- Fully Flat Body: Creates more bite by wide wave motion and strengthened flashing effect

- Eye Tune: Dunk needs the most precise eye tune among O.S.P lures. This is unavoidable compensation because Dunk equipped ability to fish deep, ultra high pitch action, awesome snagless ability.


- Length: 57mm
- Weight: 7.9g
- Depth: 4 metres
- Type: Dive / Suspending