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Nomad Madmacs High Speed Mad Hard Body Trolling Lure 240

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The Nomad Design Madmacs is a new high-speed lipless trolling vibration lure from the big game saltwater fishing masterminds at Nomad Design. Like all Nomad Design trolling lures, the Madmacs features their proprietary Autotune towpoint system, which allows the lure to self-adjust its tuning in direct response to its trolling speed to ensure it tracks straight and remains at the desired depth at all times. The Autotune system is also in part responsible for maintaining the lure's intense side-to-side vibrating action at speeds as low as 5 knots and as high as 20 knots.

The internal steel body plate in this lure runs from the towpoint, across the body, and down to each hook hanger, making it virtually impossible for a fish to break this lure. Nomad Design recommends running this lure in a spread with their DTX Minnows to provide full coverage of the water column. Available in a range of colours and sizes. See below for details on lure weight and trolling depth.


- New high-speed lipless trolling lure
- Proprietary Autotune towpoint ensures the lure always swims straight
- Super-tough: Heavy-duty through-wire construction
- Super-strong BKK inline singles
- Reinforced HD foam, and "Metal Matrix" internal plating
- Great for wahoo, tuna, dorado, billfish, and any other speedy, big game pelagic species


- Length: 240mm (10 in)
- Weight: 13.5oz
- Diving Depth: 4-15ft
- Trolling Speed: 5-15 knots