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Jarvis Walker Fish Hook Remover Dehooker Pistol Gun

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If you are looking for a high-end, innovative tool that puts your safety and comfort first, you can’t do any better than the Jarvis Walker Deluxe Hook Extractor in your tackle box. The last thing you want while unhooking fish is for the process to take too long. With the Jarvis Walker Hook Extractor Deluxe, you can remove hooks from the fish safely within seconds, minimising the risk of getting a stab by the pointy end of something undesirable. 

The Jarvis Walker Deluxe Hook Extractor has a long handle that ensures that your hands stay away from danger. You have a simple spring-loaded squeeze trigger that can be used to unhook from a distance. Just make sure that the hook is locked in tight under the clasp, squeeze the trigger and let the Jarvis Walker Hook Extractor Deluxe work its magic.

The long handle of the Jarvis Walker Hook Extractor Deluxe also gives you the chance to unhook the bigger fish while still in the water. This is especially useful if you use a landing net or are looking to release your catch. 


- Fish Hook Out Gun
- Spring-loaded squeeze trigger design
- Tough hook clasp wire
- Robust build
- Lightweight Aluminium Body With Stainless Steel Mechanism
- Long Handle
- Ergonomic Grip
- Suitable for general fishing (not suited to game fishing)