Jackson IGA Jig Spin 5g Lure

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The Jackson Iga jig Spin Lure is yet again one of Jackson more unique lures. Used mostly in Estuaries, the Iga Jig Spin can also be used of the Rocks and Beach as it does have the ability to be casted a fair distance.

The Jackson Iga’s design is unique as it has metal coming off the top hook which is designed to keep the lure at a centre of balance and also spins in the water to create both a vibration and water movements which ultimately helps attract fish.

With both the design and colours of the Iga Jig Spin, you can see why many anglers are hanging towards this new Lure as it has been proven to be able to catch many species both in estuaries and off the rocks/beaches.


- Unique design 
- Stabilising action with metal prong off the top of the hook
- Spinnerbait creates extra vibration and water movements
- Available in a range of colours


- Buoyancy: Sinking
- Weight: 5g
- Length: 29mm
- Quantity Per Pack: 2