Halco RMG 9312612907822

Halco RMG Poltergeist 80 Standard Hard Body Lure

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The RMG 80mm Poltergeist is not a crash test dummy! When casting and retrieving this lure, it will dive almost straight down the moment that you start retrieving. That's 8 metres in a matter of a few seconds. This makes it ideal for casting to structures where there is limited room, and you require the lure to get as deep as possible, as quickly as possible.

On the other hand, when you are trolling the lure it dives deep quickly and travels along at around 5 metres with a shuffling action.
The Poltergeist 80 is ideal when the lure is being dragged over a rock bar or shallow area, as it will bump and grind its way over the bottom. Once it has reached the deep again, it will immediately crash dive down. Quite often this is where the predatory fish will be waiting.


- Very deep running lure with unique snag clearing capabilities
- High strength Halco fish rings for durability
- Ideal for casting or trolling up to 3kt
- Features a light rattle and clear 'Halco bulletproof' bib
- Suitable for fresh and saltwater


- Genuine Mustad 5x strong 9430# 1/0 hooks
- Length: 80mm
- Weight: 17g