Alvey 9310241118268

Alvey 50GZ Graphite Back Easy Cast Reel

PHONE ORDERS (07) 4357 8991

A reel that is ideal for smaller saltwater species, estuary, river or boat fishing and is also great for freshwater lake work . This model features the Easy Cast System allowing it to be used for right handed or left handed fishing. It is a direct wind reel with a fish alert and absolute minimum of moving parts meaning easy to use and easy to maintain.

All major components are injection moulded graphite and fibre glass and all metal components are stainless steel or brass. To control a fish taking line on a direct wind reel the hand is taken off the winding handle and quickly applied to the line surface and spool to create back pressure. When the fish has slowed put your hand back to the handle and recover the line and the fish. Simply nothing to go wrong or break on this reel. The fish alert switch on the back side of the reel can be engaged when leaving the rod and reel unattended to warn you of a fish taking line. This reel can be used right or left hand wind.  


- 50 (5.0″)  
- G (Graphite)
- Z (Easy cast)


- SPOOL DIAMETER: 125mm (5")
- LINE CAPACITY: 500m / 5kg
- ROD SIZE: 2m to 3m
- COLOUR: Yellow
- TARGET SPECIES: Bass Bream Dart Flathead Whiting