A fishing rig is a combination of fishing tackle that includes one or more lines, hooks, lures, sinkers and swivels. These rigs assist you in getting started and catching fish quickly, decreasing the amount of time you need to spend getting everything set up ready to fish. At Davos Tackle, we provide specialised fishing rigs such as bream fishing rigs and flathead fishing rigs that are designed to capture specific target of fish but can also work for well for catching other species of fish in Australia.

We have surf fishing rigs for the beach and paternoster fishing rigs for offshore boat fishing, circle hook snapper rigs, river rigs, and more, all with clear directions and fishing ideas to get you started quickly. We also have ready-to-fish surf popper setups and squid rigs.

Davos Tackle supply fishing line rigs and fishing bait rigs from well-known manufacturers like Gillies and Neptune Tackle. Remember that certain rigs are designed to float at the surface of the water, while others sink to the bottom, so determine what type of fish you're catching and choose the best fishing rig for you with our Buyers Guide to Australian Fishing Rigs.

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