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Sea Dog Horizontal Rod Storage Rack System

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This set of Sea Dog rod racks when set up will hold a total of three rods.  The sea dog rod racks allows you to securely store any rod type with the reel still on. This rack maximises the capacity of your storage area and it is great for over doorways. It is a durable one piece design that fixes easily to the wall. And very importantly you can mount your sea dog rod racks high and away from curious hands.


- Injection Moulded Polyproylene (UV Stablised)
- No assembly required
- Fixes to the wall, keeps rods away from children
- Top quality 8 gauge x 30mm screws included


- Model: 19S2
- Two rod racks in each box
- Pair of racks that holds 3 rods
- 60mm rod spacing
- 4 x 30mm 8 gauge screws (black)

- Model: 19S6
- Six rod racks in each box
- Each pair holds 3 rods = 9 rod capacity
- 70mm rod spacing
- 12 x 30mm 8 gauge screws (black)