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Samaki Ribcage Metal Jig Lure

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Samaki has designed you the ultimate weapon when it comes to jigging up a storm. Ribcage flutters, darts and spirals its action is enhanced by the ribcage design on the rear side, the deconstructed ribs aid in the portrayal of an injured baitfish, erupting with bubbles as it drops.

With 8 insane colours from Rainbow Stylin, Glow N Silver and Bobsled plus a range of  weights. The Ribcage offers the highest UV properties enticing the most elusive of fish to attack.

A centre balanced jig, pre-rigged with Premium Assist hook and Japanese Kevlar. Targeting Kingfish, Amberjack, Samson Fish, Tuna, Coral Trout and all other reef species.


- Rear Ribcage Design for Extra Bubble Effect
- 8 colour options with UV attributes
- Centre Balanced
- Hardened Exterior Coating


- Size: 20g
- Quantity Per Pack: 1

- Size: 40g
- Quantity Per Pack: 1

- Size: 60g
- Quantity Per Pack: 1

- Size: 80g
- Quantity Per Pack: 1

- Size: 100g
- Quantity Per Pack: 1

- Size: 150g
- Quantity Per Pack: 1