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Rob Allen New Samburu Carbon Speargun

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It’s time to go tribal with the Rob Allen Samburu Carbon Railgun: the pinnacle of the Rob Allen Railgun range. Replacing the previous Zulu barrel, the Samburu carbon holds twice the strength.  The Samburu railgun is air brushed with a unique pattern on each individual speargun.

The carbon wrapped barrel is strong, durable yet lightweight which makes this gun punch above its weight. Consequently it is fantastic for catching big pelagic fish.  Furthermore each gun has been individually air brushed for the ultimate camouflage look.  As a rail-gun, when fired, the rail guides the spear out smoothly and perfectly straight without any wobble.

Samburu’s come with a 7.5mm shaft with a single flopper that is engineered from a ultra tough spring steel.  Connecting the spear to the gun is a mono-filament that is rated to 180kg and this is connected to the 10mm gun bungee that sits under the barrel near the handle. Holding the mono tight against the gun when loaded, is the stainless steel line release which drops the mono when the trigger is pulled to free the line. The single flopper is an extra piece of steel that loosely sits at the tip of the spear and is what holds the fish securely on the spear once it has pierced through the other side. The flopper opens so the fish can not slide off.


- Samburu Carbon Barrel is twice as strong as previous carbon barrels
- Individually air brushed dual camo barrel comprising a green and blue camo finish
- Rob Allen’s Next Generation Vecta 2 handle &  enhanced mechanism
- Each wire fin on shaft is rated to 350kg with the tip being tri-cut
- Ergonomically designed Loading Butt
- Open muzzle with twin 16mm blue Rob Allen rubbers
- 1.8mm High Strength, abrasion resistant mono shooting line
- Stainless steel line release
- Integrated reel mount to suit Rob Allen vecta reel
- 7.5mm double wire fin shaft engineered from ultra tough oil-quenched carbon alloy spring steel


- Available sizes: 90cm, 100cm, 110cm, 120cm, 130cm, 140cm
- 16mm Rubber
- 1.8mm mono shooting line
- 7.5mm double wire fin shaft