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Jabsco Heavy Duty Marine Washdown Pump Kit - J20-162 4.0

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The Jabsco HotShot Series Washdown Pump features a robust three chamber which provides a constant water flow and quiet operation. High pressure 60PSI is ideal for removing mud from anchoring hardware and blasting deck and fishing platforms. Will work with saltwater.

This kit comes complete with a washdown pump, spray nozzle, fitting, Pumpgard strainer (saltwater) and hose.


- Co-moulded diaphragm for long life and durability
- Efficient and quiet operation
- Sealed pressure switch
- Self-priming
- Can run dry without damage
- Quick connect ports
- Vibration dampening mounts


Includes pump guard intake strainer, pressure nozzle, port fittings and 25' hose coil with brass fittings. 
- 2 X Straight Connections for 3/4" (20mm) Hose Barb - snap in fitting
- 1 X 90 degree Connection for 3/4" (20mm) Hose Barb - snap in fitting
- Amps: 15 @ 60 psi
- PSI: 60  (4.1bar) max