Surface Walkers

Surface lures for fishing in saltwater and freshwater are typically designed to imitate fleeing baitfish across the surface, causing a splash and noise. Surface lures are typically poppers, fizzers, sliders, or stick baits.

Surface lure fishing is a thrilling sport. Australian shallow-dwelling fish love mainly warm and calm waters, thus those conditions are critical when using surface fishing lures. Furthermore, certain fish feed on the surface, such as Australian Bass which can't resist a dropped bug or cicada. Surface fishing lures also appeal to a whiting or bream that can't resist a prawn or small bait fish fleeing whilst popping along the surface of the water.

Bigger surface lures were created to excel in catching larger fish in saltwater. A heavier surface lure from our selection will let you catch barramundi, salmon, tailor, tuna, GTs and other Australian native fish species.

Davos Tackle has a great selection of surface lures to choose from to add to your tackle box, make sure to read our buyers guide to Surface Walker Lures.

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