Split Rings

The simple split ring can have a significant impact on your fishing. It's all too easy to get caught up in your fishing rod and reel, as well as whatever lures or baits you're using. However, investing in quality split rings is vital since they can stop your larger fish from escaping due to tackle failure. Check out our wide choice of fishing split rings from Davos Tackle if you need to improve your split rings or replace your old worn and rusted split rings on your fishing tackle.

Don't Waste Your Catch - There will be times when you hook a fish that is larger than you expected. Substandard split rings can be wrenched apart, allowing your fish to escape!

Split Rings Fishing - It is best to have a choice of split ring sizes for fishing, the simple option is to purchase one of our low-cost packs of split rings, which come in a variety of split ring sizes. This will provide you with many split rings to use with your fishing lure as needed and to replace a rusted old ring. Better split rings will last longer and assist you in catching big fish in Australia.