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Toadfish Outfitters Crab And Lobster Ultimate Seafood Tool Kit Pack Set

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The most innovative crab and lobster tools on the market. Everything you need to open and enjoy fresh, hard-shelled seafood without the mess.


2 x Shell Cutters - Precision spring loaded jaws allow for fast and clean shell opening with no mess. Designed to cut evenly around the crab claws in one step, keeping the meat intact and shell fragments out. Allows you to create stunning presentations with lobster, blue swimmer crabs and more. Full stainless steel construction, precision serrated cutters, ergonomically designed handle, non-slip rubber grips, easy open lock and built-in bottle opener.

4 x Seafood Forks - A multi-use fork with a scoop on one end and a fork on the other, allowing you to easily access those hard to reach pieces of delicious meat with ease. Full stainless steel construction with non-slip rubber grips.