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Daiwa 21 Caldia MQ FC Spin Reel

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Caldia meets Monocoque (MQ) design in the brand new 21 CALDIA MQ. Undoubtedly one of Daiwa’s flagship technologies, MQ design enables the holy grail of reel design. A reel that is more compact and lighter, yet at the same time provide a larger gear box and increased strength. By equipping Caldia with MQ technology, a significant increase in gear size has been achieved, whilst making the overall reel itself even lighter than previous generations.

At the heart of the new MQ body is a Tough Digigear design that provides smooth & powerful reeling performance. The new ZAION V rotor construction achieves minimal start-up inertia, giving the angler the feeling of almost weightless rotation. 

A Magseal body pairs with the MQ design to further inhibit ingress of contaminants into the reel body, prolonging the life of the reel significantly. Daiwa’s ATD Drag system, Airbail & Long Cast ABS II spool design are all present and make this Caldia the best yet.


- Long Cast Abs, Long Cast Spool Technology
- Air Bail
- Air Rotor, Lightweight Rotor
- Automatic Tournament Drag
- Corrosion Resistant Ball Bearings
- Finesse Drag
- Magsealed Body
- Monocoque Body, One Piece Food
- Tough Digigear, Larger Diameter, Bigger Teeth
- Zaion V Body, Woven High-Density Carbon Resin


- Model: 1000S
- Supplier Code: 21690
- Ball Bearings: 6BB; 1RB
- Drag Pressure: 5kg
- Gear: 5.1
- Spool Capacity: PE 0.4/ 150M
- Weight: 170g

- Model: 2000S
- Supplier Code: 21691
- Ball Bearings: 6BB; 1RB
- Drag Pressure: 5kg
- Gear: 5.2
- Spool Capacity: PE 0.4/ 200M
- Weight: 175g

- Model: 2500S
- Supplier Code: 21692
- Ball Bearings: 6BB; 1RB
- Drag Pressure: 5kg
- Gear: 5.3
- Spool Capacity: PE 0.8/ 200M
- Weight: 195g