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Sunline Siglon PEx8 150m Orange Braided Fishing Line

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Sunline Siglon PEx8 Braid 150m Orange is an 8 ply braided line made from tightly woven braid that provides superior abrasion resistance. Made from EX-PE fibres, the Sunline Siglon PEx8 Braid 150m Orange has a very thin diameter for its breaking strain and minimal stretch.

Sunline Siglon Braid 150m Orange is very popular among anglers in Australia because it is designed to provide good results both in fresh and saltwater fishing. Sunline Siglon Braid 150m Orange will do well when it used for trolling. Because the Sunline Siglon Braid 150m Orange has minimal stretch and breaking strain, it makes rigs very sensitive to fish bites. Although the Sunline Siglon Braid 150m Orange is made of high-quality material, the price point still remains very affordable.


- Very affordable price point
- Superior knot strength
- Comes in a light green colour variant
- High-quality braid
- Abrasion-resistant
- Minimal stretch and breaking strain


- Length: 150m
- Rating: 5lb
- Diameter: PE 0.3

- Length: 150m
- Rating: 6lb
- Diameter: PE 0.4

- Length: 150m
- Rating: 8lb
- Diameter: PE 0.5

- Length: 150m
- Rating: 10lb
- Diameter: PE 0.6

- Length: 150m
- Rating: 12lb
- Diameter: PE 0.8

- Length: 150m
- Rating: 16lb
- Diameter: PE 1.0

- Length: 150m
- Rating: 20lb
- Diameter: PE 1.2

- Length: 150m
- Rating: 25lb
- Diameter: PE 1.5

- Length: 150m
- Rating: 30lb
- Diameter: PE 1.7

- Length: 150m
- Rating: 35lb
- Diameter: PE 2.0

- Length: 150m
- Rating: 40lb
- Diameter: PE 2.5

- Length: 150m
- Rating: 50lb
- Diameter: PE 3.0