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Rob Allen Speargun Rubbers 16mm

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Speargun Rubber: Spearguns other than pneumatic spearguns are powered with rubber. The rubber is pulled back and hooked into the notch of the spear, referred to as a fin, by the bridle on the rubber.

The thicker your speargun rubber is the harder it will be to load but the more power it will give. Alternatively, you could have two thinner rubbers that are easy to load but still provide maximum power. Twin 16mm rubbers are ideal for most kinds of spearfishing unless you are hunting marlin or large tuna which may require several power bands.

All Rob Allen rubber is manufactured by Dip processing. While costing more this enables fewer additives to be used, enhancing performance on a gun. The coloured outer layer increase protection from the environment and the amber inner core is purer for performance.


Type: 16mm per metre
Sizes (cm): 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85