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Ocean Hunter Chamelon Open Cell Performance Camo Wetsuit 3.5mm - Mega Clearance

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The Chameleon Cell is the newest addition to the range and it takes our suits to the next level.  By using the successful Extreme panel design which is well known for its comfort and fit, we added HS super- stretch neoprene to further increase comfort and reduce breathing effort leading into your dive.  An overall thickness of 3.5mm is the most versatile thickness for Australian divers.  Designed with an open cell interior.  Open cell inside is a common step up for many divers looking for  the best fit, warmth and comfort. This style of material necessitates the use of a water based lubricant to put the suit on, but offers the best possible fit and thermal protection.

There is a added red strip on the hood to increase visibility for boats, jetskiers and surface watch. This simple features increases safety and disappears to a dull colour as you slip below the surface to hunt fish.  The Chameleon Cell is a comfortable two piece suit including pants and a top with double clip beaver tail.  Take your spearfishing to the next level of comfort and performance in this wetsuit.


- Ocean Hunters famous Chameleon Camo
- High-stretch outer lining providing superior fit and comfort
- Open cell internal for best possible fit and reduced water flow
- Integrated Red Hood strip for increased diver visibility by water craft
- Waisted Pant and Top with beaver tail design
- High wear Supratex knee and elbow pads
- Tough as nails Hexagonal chest pad
- Fitting: Lube or soaping up is required which ensures easy on and off. 


- 3.5mm thickness, suited for waters Australia wide
- Sizes: X Small to XXX large